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Does your business measure up to your competitors?


Local SEO when approached and effectively used can be one of the best ways to increase your exposure on the major search engines and social media platforms. Organic searches is the key to visibility and, driving traffic to your website or landing page.


More and more businesses are gearing towards online advertising. Facebook, Google Adwords and, Instagram is becoming the norm when it comes to engaging customers building awareness and generating sales.

Content marketing

An effective content marketing plan can boost all areas of your SEO and marketing efforts while increasing the awareness of your brand and business. From blogs to videos, remember content is KING!

Local SEO Services Helps Small Businesses Thrive. How's Yours Working?

Golight Media’s local SEO Services and digital marketing Solutions can really help grow your small business through strategic planning and implementation, effective advertising campaigns, and invaluable business consulting. At Golight Media we assure you get the results needed to thrive and sustain your company in today’s highly competitive market. Reaching Customers Organically Is Hard To Achieve Today Without Effective Search Engine Optimization. Larger Companies Have The Budget To Dominate SEO Until Now Where, Your Local Business Can Potentially Outrank, Out Perform, And Gain More Exposure Within Your Local Community. 

Whether you are a brick and mortar location or an online business, You must learn to leverage all mediums to stay relevant with your competitors and customers. Golight Media Group can help you on many levels to improve your brand, increase your customer base, and generate new revenue through:

Local SEO Services

Strategic Advertising Campaigns

Business Consultation

Brand and Reputation Management And More…



James is very creative and a talented. Our division needed copy written for an upcoming video promotion and my superiors was impressed with the quick response time and the quality of work performed.
Ms, Singleton
US Armed Forces
Golight Media has helped me transform my ministry with a creative and user-friendly site. I truly appreciate the hard work and efforts from James and the staff at Golight Media.
First, let me start by saying thank you for a wonderful experience. Golight Media has helped my business tenfold by creating a social media campaign to farther help me grow my company.

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